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Yoga High Denver hired me to create a marketing campaign for some of their different offerings. We have done several cards and flyers, but these were posters.



Lisa helped me with all the graphic design I needed to open my yoga studio, from the logo to flyers, business cards, posters and signs.


Lisa is great to work with for a few reasons: first, she's very passionate about creating.  She listens to my needs and ideas and then sends me a few early-stage choices so I can use her time more effectively by choosing the path I want her to pursue. 


Second, she always has things to me when she says she will - she's punctual and reliable, and she follows up on things when I forget, which is maybe the most helpful part of working with her sometimes. 


Third, she's really positive. It's so pleasant to work with someone who is happy and positive!

Amanda Russcol,

Yoga Studio Owner

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